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Volodymyr Kachkan

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My name is Volodymyr Kachkan. I am 36 years old,I live in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine).

To develop the spirit of patience and understand its possibilities. To develop in myself sincerity and faith. To strive for self-knowledge and self-improvement, gratitude and generosity.

In my life I devote a lot of time to the social sphere and the well-being of people and self-realization through the practice of oriental martial arts both adults and children.

Now I work hard as a volunteer, helping the military and civilians. As a volunteer with the “Precarpathian Defense Headquarters” and “Freedom Ukraine”, I assist military and civilians. I am a mentor at the martial arts and recreation center “Kamurodzan”, where I teach children to develop the best qualities of man through the study of martial arts, also at the charity main work with the children of temporarily displaced people within the “FranKolo” project.

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