Assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine

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Ukraine Victims

Assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine

No one is unaware of what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. Both countries are at war and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Russia is on the verge of destroying Ukraine.

Russia is targeting not only the defense forces of Ukraine but the people too. They don’t see if it is a kid, man, woman, or an old person standing in front of them. They just know to wipe them out!

The Russian and Ukrainian tussle has been going on for a long time, but the current situation is very different from what it was before.

This scenario is far from reality. The Ukrainian conflict is now a very complicated one. There’s a lot of conflicting information, conspiracy theories  and reports coming out.

So at this point, Ukraine needs a lot of help and support from other countries and companies!

We sleep at night peacefully knowing we are completely safe but think about the people who don’t even know at which second a missile would hit their house and shred it into pieces.

Now, there are a lot of amazing people out there who are helping the people of Ukraine with whatever they can. And some are helping the defense forces so that they can deal with what’s in front of them.

So, we thought of helping the victims!

As you know, Ukraine is under constant air strikes. And people who get caught up in them end up getting hurt so bad. And in these circumstances, it is difficult to find a hospital, let alone a doctor.

Think about yourself in such a situation. You are badly hurt and there is no one to help you and you cannot do anything to lessen the pain! And at the same time, you are worried about your family but you cannot even stand up to check up on them.

How helpless you would feel! So would you help to let those people know that we have got their back?

We should help Ukraine in the Russian Ukrainian war so that this peace doesn’t get ruined again. We are trying to help the Ukrainian people, who are trying to defend their country against Russian aggression.


The money you donate here would be like a ray of hope for those people. And it might even save someone’s life! You can give hope to someone who thinks that it is the last day of their life.

All the donations would be used for the treatment and assistance of the victims and we will also try to help them by giving money (depending on the amount raised). We will use the money for prostheses and severed limbs for the victims of the war.

Let’s join hands to help the helpless because the situation is very tragic and our joint help will motivate the innocent citizens of Ukraine and they will feel that they’re not alone.

With your help, we will serve as many people as we can. So step forward and donate as much as you can and tell the people of Ukraine that the world has not turned its back on them.

Don’t hesitate to donate a small amount, every penny counts! And also, don’t forget to share this campaign on your social media accounts.

Ferrari Roma QRC

Recipient – BONITATEM, NGO

Account no – LT813500010013262161


Bank code – 35000





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Donate and Get Ferrari Roma with Bonitatem

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donate and get ferrari roma bonitatem

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