Helping each other can make world better

Bonitatem NGO’s online donation platform that covers the whole world. The main goal is to spread the ideas of citizenship and communion, to earn social credits.

The world has been shaken by the war in Ukraine, a country in need of financial and sometimes expensive medical assistance. In a consumer society, the property relations of families are also very bright – rich families and their children, as well as lower-middle-income families and their children avoid communication with each other, there is no longer any social dialogue or mutual help. Children from poorer families suffer from bullying due to clothing and unequal opportunities at school – they cannot afford to pay for extra lessons or extracurricular activities. University studies, which require a lot of money, are becoming a luxury. Not everyone, even the most talented students, can afford it.

Families living on benefits and unable to find work often shut themselves down and avoid communicating. Lack of activity, unemployment often causes depression, which leads to alcoholism or even suicide. Paris Metro drivers often run to watch suicide attempts. Despair, helplessness, not seeing a bright future have dire consequences for our society. The whole world is not short of problems. This initiative provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to donate and participate in Thanksgiving events and receive gifts of goodness.

Our Mission – encourage people to do good to each other raise funds to meet their vital needs.

Principles of operation –  Transparency. Donors can be able to choose a potentially liked project, a social initiative that can be donated online. All information can be publicly available, constantly updated and published.

Internationality – We believe that there are no limits to the universal good, so we will try to sacrifice this initiative for everyone who needs it most, even in the most remote corners of the world. You can choose the goal and project for which you want to donate.

Reliability – We protect our reputation and ensure the security of support transfers. Please inform about administration costs.

Gratitude – Donate and receive thanks for your inspiring example. Everyone who donates to a social initiative participates in a Thanksgiving event that will present life-changing gifts of kindness such as a villa in the suburbs or luxury cars to travel around the world. These are gifts of kindness, life-changing prizes for dedication and support for social initiative. This social initiative will not only encourage donation, but also provide an opportunity to thank the victims.

We aim to – To publicize the needs of entrants on one online platform, while solving topical societal problems: increasing competitiveness in the labor market, social integration from exclusion, prevention of violence, reduction of the negative consequences of dependencies and poverty. We promote tolerance, humane communication without bullying, and the development of a cultural horizon. We support cultural and educational activities aimed at developing habits of sober and meaningful leisure time.

We dream big and get things done

We are always looking for friendly helping hands who are ready to help make the world a better place.