Help for Ukrainian women and children

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The tragedy that’s going on in Ukraine is heartbreaking. There are not even sufficient words to explain the pain of Ukrainian people.

Russia has invaded Ukraine and a war is going on between these two.

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Majority of people among them are children and women. Children are going through situations at a young age that they should not have gone through. It feels heavy to see the condition of women when their men are being killed in front of them and they are not able to do anything to protect their own brothers, fathers, and husbands.
Men are being killed and families are ordered to leave their own houses and to fight for their country. Women of Ukraine are even giving birth in bunkers and they have only scary food on which they are trying to feed themselves and their children’s.

Their houses are being hit, schools of children are being destroyed in which they have a lot of memories and some of them have left their houses. People of Ukraine have moved, some of them to the same country and some have even crossed borders to look for refugees.

Bonitatem Woman and childrens

We can help Ukraine in this situation by giving different donations and charities like:

• Medical Equipment (Sanitizer Products)
• Gauge, Bandages
• Bedding Products
• Tents
• Medicine
• First Aid Kit
• Thermal Clothes
• Hot Water Bottles
• Baby Essentials (Napkins, Soft Food)

We can also help Ukraine through social media, by strikes and by spreading news about what’s going on in that country. We should try to make people aware about that country’s situation.
Even if no one is going with us, why can’t we go alone? We should post on different social media apps about the current situation to aware people and urge them for donations.We can stand and make a voice for a peaceful protest for that country and for the families that are facing all those situations.Your contribution will go toward catering to the requirements of women in Ukraine and those leaving the conflict in neighboring countries, particularly those who are enduring violence during a situation of distress. We are fighting to guarantee that no woman is left alone, particularly evicted women, victims of abuse,the sick and handicapped women. We struggle to protect females and children’s rights both to maintain peace, during this terrifying wartime.
By contributing to us, you will be able to give continued security and assistance to women and children, as well as aid to families restore the sense of hope.

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Recipient – BONITATEM, NGO

Account no – LT813500010013262161


Bank code – 35000





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