UNITED24 bonitatem rased

As of July 8, the Total Amount of Funds Raised via UNITED24 is $136,598,711

As of July 8, the total amount of funds raised via UNITED24 is $136,598,711. This is more than UAH 4 billion.

This became possible thanks to the contribution of $54,000,000 to the defence of Ukraine, made by the Swedish government. We thank our partners for such strong support!

Also, since the Army of Drones Project launch, the total number of donations reached the mark of UAH 400,000,000. People from Ukraine, the US, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany donated the most.

The Creatio platform also joined the project, donating UAH 1,000,000. We call on all tech- and IT-companies to join the project, as they understand that technologies are crucial at the frontline better than anyone.

Ukrainian and British entrepreneur Maksym Polyakov and the Kyiv School of Economics transferred UAH 103,000,000 and UAH 60,000,000, respectively.

UAH 64,000,000, raised by Monobank via UNITED24 at the end of June, has already been used to purchase two unmanned Warmate drone systems.