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Andriy Shevchenko and UNITED24 Have Launched a Fundraiser for the Reconstruction of Irpin Stadium

This will be the first Rebuild Ukraine project under UNITED24. The legendary football player, Andriy Shevchenko,has already engaged his former club, A.C. Milan, who will allocate 150,000 euros towards the stadium’s reconstruction.

In March, the Champion stadium in Irpin was demolished by russian shells: they completely destroyed the stadium’s premises, stands, and damaged the football pitch. In August, the famous footballer and UNITED24 ambassador, Andriy Shevchenko, came to Irpin and saw how children were still playing on the field, despite all the damage. 

“It was one of the most touching moments of my visit,” said Shevchenko. “I walked through the destroyed stands, along corridors dotted with glass and concrete, and then onto the field, where I saw a large black crater in the middle. And children were running around with a football. It was a very hard, painful and, at the same time, inspiring sight that moved me to tears. The enemy managed to destroy the football pitch, but not our childrens’ passion for their favorite game. Then I realized that I have to restore this stadium, which we will definitely do.”

The total cost of the stadium reconstruction amounts to 600,000 euros. With these funds, the stands and the field will be restored and lighting will be installed. Shevchenko plans to engage the world and Ukrainian football community in this project. Funds will be raised via asking businesses to help the project, instead of crowdfunding.