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Oleh Verbovyi and Vitaliy Lytvyn
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Ukrainian Volunteers From Vienna Presented a Creative Way of Promoting UNITED24

Ukrainian volunteers in Vienna, diplomats Oleh Verbovyi and Vitaliy Lytvyn, launched a project of branding public transport in Europe with a unique design in national colours and the UNITED24 symbols.

In September, a tram started up the route in Vienna, and in October, two trolleybuses began to run through the central streets of Vilnius, which, in addition to national elements and colours, contain a QR code that leads to UNITED24.

In this creative way, Oleh and Vitaliy encourage residents and guests of European capitals to support Ukraine by donating to UNITED24, as well as to see the identity of the modern Ukrainian nation – creative, experimental, progressive.

The volunteers plan to expand the project to other European capitals. Currently the negotiations are ongoing with Riga, Tallinn, Stockholm, Brussels and other cities.