Uber Contributing Another $1,000,000 for the Christmas Holidays
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Uber Contributing Another $1,000,000 for the Christmas Holidays

Uber is not just doubling the $250,000 donated so far by riders worldwide to the Keep Ukraine Moving fundraiser – but also contributing another $1,000,000 for the Christmas holidays.

This means that the campaign has already raised a total of more than $1,500,000, which will allow the purchase of modern ambulance vehicles necessary for medical workers to save lives.

UNITED24 thanks the global Uber team, the Ukrainian drivers who inspired this campaign with their stories of bravery, and everyone from across the globe who joined the good cause before Christmas and the New Year.

The support of Ukrainian doctors and sincere faith in the victory of Ukraine is one of the most valuable gifts. We express our gratitude and remind you that you still have time to join the fundraiser!