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Kvartal 95 Studio Joins the UNITED24 Fundraising Platform to Go on a Charity Tour with Ukrainian Performers

The artists will travel Europe from East to West to raise funds for medical care.

Kvartal 95 Studio will begin a European Charity Tour, featuring famous Ukrainian artists, to raise donations for Ukraine’s medical needs. Together they will perform at main venues in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Romania, Spain and Portugal. Starting from June 10, Vechirniy Kavartal’s most emotional songs will be sung by the project’s actors in Warsaw, Prague, Milan, Madrid and Lisbon. They will be joined by popular Ukrainian musicians, including MONATIK, Vopli Vidopliassova, Pianoboy, and others.

All proceeds will be transferred via the UNITED24 platform to procure X-ray transparent operating tables for Ukrainian hospitals. This medical equipment will help doctors perform two of the most common and complex surgical procedures during the war — fragment removal and bone fixation — under full visual control. The fundraiser goal is to collect donations for purchasing 5 of these tables.

Earlier, during the Save Ukraine — #StopWar telethon in Berlin, Ukrainian and international artists raised six million UAH for C-arm X-ray machines.