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How the Donation Ratio in Support of Ukraine Changed

UNITED24 has analyzed 68,000 contributions that were made via UNITED24 throughout June to August. The total amount came to  $3,962,956, so let’s find out how the ratio has changed over time:

There is a global trend to support the Ukrainian army more actively. This is best exemplified by Germany, where at the beginning of the Summer, people donated the least (25%) compared to other countries. At the end of August, this indicator increased to 42%.

73% of French, 75% of Canadian and 76% of British donations recently went to Defence and Demining. 3 months ago, this figure was 60% for each of these countries – roughly a 15% increase on average. 70% of UNITED24’s most active donors, citizens of the United States, also chose this direction. 3 months ago, only half of US donors did.

Overall, donors preferred the defence direction to other options. The exception is Ukraine, where the amount of donations to both the Armed Forces (74% versus 70%) and medical aid (22% versus 15%) increased, while the amount of donations to reconstruction decreased from 15% to 4%.

Based on the results of the same analysis, the top 10 donor countries are: USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland.