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Grammarly Partners With UNITED24 to Raise Funds for C-class Ambulances
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Grammarly Partners With UNITED24 to Raise Funds for C-class Ambulances

Together, Grammarly and the UNITED24 fundraising platform are asking donors worldwide to help raise money for ambulances. 

Thousands of medical workers act around the clock to save the lives of people in Ukraine—in bomb shelters, hospitals, on the front line, and at home. 

Ambulances are a vital need in Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, 92 ambulances have been captured by the Russian military, while 366 were damaged due to constant shelling. And with massive attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, ambulances often function as “hospitals on wheels” powered by car engines. Grammarly kicks off this new joint campaign with United24 by purchasing one C-class ambulance for Ukraine. We believe in the unity of efforts and are incredibly grateful to everyone who can donate to supply more vitally needed ambulances.

Grammarly, the communication assistance software company, has a deep, personal connection to Ukraine; it is where the company was founded and the place many of its team members call home. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Grammarly has donated $5 million to organizations and funds supporting the people of Ukraine, including donations to accounts listed on the UNITED24 platform. 

Grammarly stands with Ukraine and invites you to do the same. You can join the fundraiser by making a direct donation to the UNITED24 Donorbox.