Donate and Get Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Donate and Get Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari SF90 Stradale arrived and changed the game in the automotive industry – meet the ultimate SUPERCAR and let the show begin!!! The car’s name is a tribute to the 90th anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari, and there is no better way to celebrate it than riding this fantastic and futuristic BEAST!

Stunning Ferrari SF90 Stradale with Rosso F1 2007 exterior and Cuoio sport seats. Details are key in every Ferrari – look closer and appreciate the yellow brake callipers, the Scuderia Ferrari shields on both sides, and the amazing multifunction steering wheel!!

Saying that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is fast is a grave understatement. Take for example the fact that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale specs include the fact that it’s faster than the legendary LaFerrari on the Fiorano Circuit, one of the cars that arguably popularized the “hypercar” designation. With its V8 and hybrid system making use of all four wheels at a total of 986 horsepower, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale top speed is 211 mph, making it one of the fastest Ferraris ever produced. Along with that, the acceleration is incredible, as well. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale 0-60 is just 2.5 seconds, and this incredibly fast time comes thanks to the use of electric torque and all-wheel drive, something that has rarely been seen on any Ferrari SF90 Stradale model in the past. If you keep your foot on the accelerator, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale ¼ mile will only take you 9.5 seconds, which yet again puts it in an incredibly exclusive club of some of the fastest cars ever made that possess sub-10-second quarter-mile times.

Take a step into the future thanks to its hybrid engine. A real engineering masterpiece with 1,000 CV!!! It will exceed all your expectations!!!

Donate and Win Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Donate and Win Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Donate and Win Ferrari SF90 Stradale

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Let's help Ukraine defend itself

Let’s help Ukraine defend itself

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The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has started eight years ago and war is still going on.

Young men are defending their own land from occupation, people suffer from fair, poverty and pain. Broken buildings, schools, nurseries, stopped the economy of the country. That’s why Ukraine is becoming the poorest country in Europe. Ukraine is not coming out of it and is in an alarming situation, the condition of the land area is becoming worse day by day.

Heartbreaking news we hear every day. We see tears of the families, who sacrificed their loved ones. People take risk to protect their homeland, families, their lives. It is a really sad moment when we realize that the lives of thousands of soldiers are disturbed mentally, physically, and socially because of injuries. Heart feels grieved when families are waiting for news from their loved ones, but the message did not come. Ukraine can defend itself with different goods like medical equipment, sanitizer products, bedding products, warm clothes, and eatable things. Rifles and other weapons are more beneficial in this situation because they won’t only help with defense but will also delay the entry of Russian people into Ukraine.

Ukraine can defend itself by taking western support like donations of different essential goods. By expanding its military Ukraine can defeat Russia by using different weapons. By moving to safer places. Around 7.5 million people have moved, and 3 million have resettled. Your donation would not get wasted. It can help to save the life of someone. Once you spend on the needy you will get more in return. It’s humanity to save the lives of others because if they are going through this situation you can also go through this. When a war starts it’s not the war of a country, it’s the war of humanity and we should help without keeping conflicts. Even if you are not eligible to donate much, donate as much as you can. We should make an effort to stop conflicts because war takes no time to convert flowers into ashes. Don’t hesitate to donate, even a penny counts.

Your donations would be like a ray of hope for the people of Ukraine. It’s a serious condition so spread it more and more on your social media apps.




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