Demna UNITED24 Bonitatem

Demna is Selected as Ambassador for UNITED24

UNITED24, the official fundraising platform initiated for the urgent needs of Ukraine, has selected Demna, artistic director of Balenciaga, as an ambassador exclusively dedicated to the humanitarian Rebuild Ukraine Direction for helping refugees. In support of the endeavor, which streamlines the donation process to distribute funds efficiently, a special T-shirt was created of which 100% of net profits will be donated to the exclusively humanitarian Rebuild Ukraine Direction. The charity T-shirts will be available from July 28th, 2022 exclusively on .

President Zelenskyy personally thanked Demna for his commitment to the cause, which Demna and the House have expressed since the Balenciaga Winter 22 show in March this year when Demna shared a personal letter about his own experience as a refugee. “Thank you for your support, it is very valuable,” said Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “It’s crucial that we keep the world’s focus on Ukraine to help rebuild our country.”

For Demna, the decision to become an ambassador was personal, as he has lived through the trauma of being a refugee. “It is an honor for me to become an ambassador for the UNITED24 platform,” he responded. “I know and feel the pain that the Ukrainians are going through very well. I thought a lot about how I can help Ukraine and all the refugees who want to come back home. That’s why I chose to focus on the humanitarian Rebuild Ukraine Direction and its cause. The special Balenciaga T-shirt will become sort of a messenger.”