Christmas with BONITATEM ORG
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Mindaugas Jonusas says: Christmas is a time of miracles, which should also visit Ukrainian children, let’s not forget them!

It’s become a regular occurrence that as soon as the first days of November are over, the modern world rushes to decorate for Christmas. Although the word festive does not really fit here, when commerce demands more attention than the sacredness and nobility of the occasion.
This year, St. Christmas is more than ever before a time of sensitivity and temporality. The war, which has become an everyday reality for many, still horrifies Ukraine and its people, and the world.
Killed, desecrated, left without electricity and heating, without water and without the possibility of a dignified life, Ukrainians are today the heroes of us all, but empathy and understanding are becoming a luxury in today’s world. City trees, festive hustle and bustle, gifts, a nicer café or something to decorate the shopping malls become more relevant.
And many of us will say that it is not just living that is necessary, but living with the thought of war. As many people as there are opinions, the question is still very relevant: “Am I ready to give the gift of hope today?
This year, I want to believe that each of us who can will contribute to a Christmas of hope for the Ukrainian people. After all, these are families who have lost their children, wives their husbands, and loved ones each other.
Perhaps we can give more modest gifts to our loved ones, and with our gifts we can support those who are defending our freedom today, we can remember those who, because of the horrors of war, have had to flee their homes and their homeland and are forced to shelter wherever they can, and we can also remember to support the organisations that are working every day for peace and for good.
Christmas brings hope and peace, but above all it is everyone’s duty to share hope, to comfort or simply to be there. There are no non-believers in war, and we must prove our faith today by our actions. We are tired, upset, irritable, angry about rising prices, frustrated, but living in peace and prosperity.
Let us help create a joyful Christmas for the children who are exiled from their country this year. This year, Bonitatem ORG will make every effort to ensure that this Christmas touches the hearts of Ukrainian children and their families, and most importantly, that they do not feel lonely and rejected, left to face the horrors of war alone, even if they live in Lithuania.
I know that there are many responsible people, socially oriented businesses and empathetic Lithuanians in our country. I invite everyone to come together and become ambassadors of hope, so that together we can create a celebration, even for those who survived the war. If you can contribute in any way, we look forward to hearing from you

Than you in advance