Let’s help the animal shelters

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Let's help the animal shelters

Hi there, hope you’re having an amazing day! So today, I am here to talk about Green Energy!
You might have an idea about it, but if not, let me tell you a bit. It is an energy type that is generated from natural resources, like wind, sunlight, water and steam. Or we can call it wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy and geothermal. If we look at the world today, green energy is needed the most! Why?

Well, first of all, it doesn’t release greenhouse gasses or carbon. This means, it is good for the atmosphere and also it would help to slow down the climate change. The second most important reason is improvement in public health You might be thinking about how green energy can improve the health of people?
Let me tell you.
We use fossil fuels to generate energy which causes air and water pollution. And it can affect the overall health of the public. But in green energy, we use renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. So, they help create clean energy and ultimately, it improves public health. And if we come to the third point then it is the low cost.

Energy prices are rising in the world. And guess what! Green energy costs much less than the other ways of creating energy. And the plus point is, it has less maintenance cost as well. And the list goes on… So keeping all these in view, our organization thought of solar power plant installation. We would be installing solar power plants on or near the roofs of animal shelters.
The project is planned for the whole of Europe, without specifying the country. We would be going for solar energy, hydro energy and geothermal. But it would be just a start. With your help, we will keep updating the project! And here’s something that we have for you. To motivate its donors, our organization chooses random people and sends them some prizes, more like a gift of kindness. So would you like to join us?

If yes then donate whatever you can, every penny counts! And also, share this campaign with your family and friends and let’s make the world a better place!




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