Let’s give a smile for poor

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Let's give a smile for poor

Oral health problems can cause a significant burden on a person’s health, relationships, and overall well-being. People with beautiful teeth are considered more attractive, more vibrant and younger than those with teeth with serious defects, curved, discolored. Beautiful smile with natural-looking teeth is considered an expression of vitality and joy of life. Dental prosthetics have become fast, high quality, accurate nowadays. Today, scientists, physicians, engineers and software developers are working together to provide digitized dental manufacturing and prosthetics solutions.

It is much easier to restore the defects of teeth, if you visit professional laboratories services. Sadly, but still in the world exist many people who cannot afford the services of a dentist, dental correction. Dentures are a common companion for the elderly. However, according to dentists, only the simplest prostheses, which are not comfortable, can be placed at the expense of the state. “It would be necessary not to eat anything all year round, not to pay any utility bills, to set aside the full pension, then maybe it would be possible to put on better dentures”, – says Algis, who just repaired his teeth. According to him, after the visit, the wallet had to be thinned by as much as 4 thousand euros. This is a huge amount of money for most of the elderly people. Some of them walk without teeth or complain about cheap and awkward dentures that keep falling Young boy from the Ukraine, lost his teeth in the car crash. Today, he covers his smile with the palm of his hand.

The absence of front teeth makes him lonely, he can not find a girlfriend. He suffers from loneliness, and dreams of the possibility to smile to the world. Dental prosthetics is a treatment of a human, it requires funding. Teeth defects affect self esteem, self confidence. People suffer physically and physiologically. They are ashamed to smile, and avoid contact with other people. Donate for the poor people to solve their problems, give back their smiles and the world will certainly smile for you.




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