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Camper Bonitatem

In the smooth running of our world, the contributions of animals are beyond explanation. Animals play an important role in the stability of the ecosystem, environment and even our lives!

Also, they are amazing companions of humans as well, tiny mammals to be precise. Well, it would not be wrong to say that we cannot explain the importance of animals in just one article. The main point is, without animals, our existence is not possible!!

Animals keep an equilibrium in the world and when this equilibrium is disturbed, either by natural or human interference, everything begins to spiral downwards.

As we said earlier, without animals, we will no longer be able to have this beautiful planet. You already know that we, the humans, came into existence just recently according to the anthropological timeline. But if we talk about the animals then they existed for millions of years before us.

So now you know how precious animals are. But in today’s world, they are not being treated as they are supposed to. Talking specially about homeless animals, they are mostly unsterilized. They are not properly vaccinated and as a result, they are surrounded by parasites and get certain diseases.

Except for this, homeless animals don’t even get proper food. They eat whatever they think is edible. And it adds to their illness. Because of this, they need the proper treatment plus the quality food, because it contains a lot of useful substances, and cheap food can make them even more ill.

So here we are at the rescue of those innocent animals. We have created this fundraiser, especially for homeless animals. Because we know their importance and we know how the world would be without them.

They do a lot for us. Why can’t we do it for them?

Animals outnumber us today, too, and we are safe as long as it remains this way. We need to take care of our animals as much as we need to take care of ourselves. So let’s come together and donate here as much as you can. Also, motivate others to donate by sharing this campaign.

Let’s love our animals and return their contribution to us by taking care of them.

Recipient – BONITATEM, NGO

Account no – LT813500010013262161


Bank code – 35000










V690 premiumtr


 • Rear opening windows

 • 9-speed automatic gearbox

 • Exclusive cab front gril black

 • Châssis 3T5 light Heating using vehicle fuel digitally programmed and used while on the road

 • Manual cab air conditioning

 • Cabin colour white

 • Exclusive exterior decoration 

 • Driver and passenger airbag

 • 100% LED cell lighting inside

 • Lighting on the outside

 Eco pack: Stop&Start, smart alternator, electronically-controlled fuel pump

 • Dining area table extension

 • Double-locking windows with combined blinds/screens

 • “Cornering” Fog lights

 • Large sliding kitchen drawers

 • Cab seat covers with matching cushions • Reinforced insulation “VPS”

 • 16″ alloy wheels black

 • Panoramic skylight

 • Electric step

 • Maxi Cab

 • Exclusive furniture and fabrics

 • Engine 140 HP

 • Flyscreen door

 • Solar panel

 • Wardrobe

 • Painted door handles

 • Preset reversing camera

 • USB ports

 • Rear additional storage

 • Cruise control and speed limiter

 • Fuel tank capacity 90 L

 • Electric de-icing rearview mirrors

 • Bathroom with folding partition

 • Bathroom with window*

 • Exclusive fabrics SPORT

 • Swivel seats in the cab, with double armrests and adjustable height

 • Awning

 • Exterior table stand

 • TPMS : Tire pressure measurable system

 • Traction +


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